Recording Critiques on 3D-audio 2018 ( 3Dオーディオ作品のための講評会開催のお知らせ )

Hello students!

Japan Student Section is going to hold a Recording Critiques on 3D-audio works at the international conference in Tokyo. It will be a valuable opportunity to get professional engineers to listen to and advise about your work. If you are interested in 3D audio reproduction, please join us!Please check the details mentioned below.

*Participants of this event are limited to the AES student members.
To join AES, please refer to (

The work must be:
1. in PCM (.wav)
2. at 48 kHz /24 bit
3. only audio work (no visual)
4. 3 – 5 minutes in length
5. in 5.1 – 22.2 ch (Dolby Atmos, Auro3D, 9.1 ch, etc)
*If you created by Dolby Atmos, you have to bounce it adapting to 22.2 ch.
6. with project documentation in PDF

[How to submit]
Your work must be bounced as a set of WAV files that each file corresponding to each channel, and be put into a single folder with the documentation.
Participants must comply with the following file naming convention: folders shall be named membernumber_RecordingCritiques, where “membernumber” is the entrant’s AES membership number (ex. 12345_RecordingCritiques). The sound files shall be named membernumber_RecordingCritiques_(speakernumber).wav, where “speakernumber” is the numeric ID of the loudspeaker to which you want to assign the sound source (ex. 12345_RecordingCritiques_(1).wav).

The studio where the critique will be held has 22.2 multichannel system.
Please confirm the following table carefully and name the files accordingly.
Please compress the folder in a Zip file format ( and upload here (

Participants must submit a documentation which shows how you recorded and mixed the work in detail using proper session documentation such as studio setup diagrams, microphone lists, photographs, etc. The documentation also must include the information about your role on the production.

Documentation must:
1. Be submitted in English
2. Not exceed 1000 words
3. Include your name, AES membership number and submission date on the upper left of the first page
4. Be in PDF format
5. Be submitted in a zipped folder with the sound files

The deadline is 6 PM on July 24, 2018(JST).
We are really looking forward to your entry!

Please contact us whenever you have questions.




・5.1ch~22.2ch(Dolby Atmos, Auro3D, 9.1chなど)



音源とともに、録音やミキシングについての説明を記載したドキュメントを提出してください。これには、マイクロフォンのリスト, セッティング図やスタジオのセットアップダイアグラム, レコーディング時の写真などを用いて、どのように作品を録音・ミキシングをしたか詳細に記載してください。また、本作品に提出者がどのように関わったのかも記述してください。





Numeric ID Channel Azimuth Elevation
1 Front left +45 0
2 Front right –45 0
3 Front centre 0 0
4 Low frequency effects-1 +30 -15
5 Back left +135 0
6 Back right –135 0
7 Front left centre +22.5 0
8 Front right centre –22.5 0
9 Back centre +180 0
10 Low frequency effects-2 –30 –15
11 Side left +90 0
12 Side right –90 0
13 Top front left +45 +30
14 Top front right –45 +30
15 Top front centre 0 +30
16 Top centre +90
17 Top back left +135 +30
18 Top back right –135 +30
19 Top side left +90 +30
20 Top side right –90 +30
21 Top back centre +180 +30
22 Bottom front centre 0 –30
23 Bottom front left +45 –30
24 Bottom front right –45 –30